As Reported in Transport Topics: Will Uber Replace Freight Brokers? ‘Absolutely Not,’ Tech Expert Insists

By: Lance Healy

Banyan co-founder and chief innovation officer Lance Healy spoke at the Nasstrac (National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council) Shippers Conference and Transportation Expo April 9-12.

The panel, “Technology Disruption: The Future of Shipping”, was one of the most popular events of the entire conference.

As reported by Transport Topics in the April 24 print edition:

Will Uber Replace Freight Brokers? ‘Absolutely Not,’ Tech Expert Insists
By Roger W. Gilroy, Staff Reporter at Transport Topics

The emergence of Uber-style transactions in the freight industry will not replace brokers, experts in the segment said while acknowledging a surge in both the number of new motor carriers and mobile apps to locate freight.

Uber will “absolutely not” replace brokers, said Lance Healy, chief innovation officer and co-founder of Banyan Technology, a provider of connectivity for transportation management. “What do they bring to bear? What technology does it bring into the market that we don’t already have?”

But if Uber comes in as a broker, “That’s great. Technology and efficiencies they bring in will force the game of everyone to step up. I don’t see it as a disruptive shift like it was in the taxicab industry,” Healy said.”

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