Introduction to our most recent whitepaper: Build vs. Buy

A guide for evaluating whether to build or buy API-enabled connectivity with your carriers.

By: Lance Healy

Live connectivity is easily understood in the consumer market: when you want to book a flight, it makes sense to visit a single provider who can show you all the available options at once. It’s become the norm to view all airlines, flight times, and prices on one screen; ensuring that you’re picking the best flight for your travel schedule, at the best available price.

That same concept is now making waves within the freight industry. Commercial shippers are realizing the value of live connectivity, like reduced manual labor and direct savings on freight. Live connectivity is no longer merely an option in freight management—it’s the new expectation. Those who have already implemented the technology have propelled its popularity over the past couple of years. The rest are now developing their go-forward plans for incorporating live carrier connectivity into their freight management systems and processes.

Should you build or buy a system of live connectivity with your carriers?   

When determining your go-forward plan, the functionality you require and the technical capabilities of your current Transportation Management System (TMS) will impact the direction to take and whether it makes sense to build or buy live connectivity with your carriers.

In our new whitepaper, “Build vs. Buy: Considerations when establishing live API connectivity with your carriers,” we take you through a step-by-step evaluation process of your current TMS, uncover the top benefits of implementing a live connections solution, and expose the implications of writing your own API solution.

You’ll learn how to evaluate your freight management needs and gain insights on the following:

  • How a live carrier connectivity solution gives you access to real-time shipping rates for cost savings.
  • Why industry leaders are switching to the latest shipping technology for better visibility throughout the entire freight process.
  • The benefits of choosing a live connections solution for an automated freight bill management process and improved carrier relationships.

Download the whitepaper, “Build vs. Buy: Considerations when establishing live API connectivity with your carriers,” to learn more about the benefits of live connections and how to avoid the pitfalls of building your own API solution.

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