5 Sessions Not to Miss at CSCMP Edge 2017

By: Lance Healy

If you are attending this year’s CSCMP Edge conference, you might feel overwhelmed by the number of sessions available. How do you know which sessions you’ll gain the most from?

Luckily for you, Banyan Technology has compiled a list of 5 sessions you don’t want to miss at the must-attend supply chain event of the year. At the end of the article, we’ll even include the best breweries and attractions in Atlanta to visit during the conference, just in case you are looking for a little escape from the busy world of logistics and supply chain.

Amazon: The Future of Customer Satisfaction

This session is on the first day of breakouts: Monday 9/25 at 10:30am, and is led by Ed Feitzinger, the Vice President of Logistics at Amazon. Beyond hearing about the infrastructure related to Amazon’s supply chain, this session is a must-attend because of the customer service insight. Amazon has built an empire on getting their customers any item they can imagine delivered to their doorstep in the shortest time possible. But how do they consistently deliver great service with so many moving parts? This session will go into extreme detail about how to build a supply chain service based on customer satisfaction, rather than service and cost. By being customer-centric, Amazon has discovered how to create a loyal customer-base, while still delivering on their shipping promises.

ELDs are Almost Here and What That Means

This session is on Monday 9/25 at 2:00, and is led by a committee of logistics experts, including Lance Healy, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Banyan Technology. ELDs have been dominating the logistics industry’s news cycle recently. With regulations becoming mandatory soon, and organizations petitioning the FMCSA for a delay, it can get confusing about what is actually occurring and what is just conjecture. This session is a can’t-miss for anyone in the supply chain field who has questions about the ELD mandate. The panelists—made up of a shipper, 3PL, technology provider, and carrier—discuss the effects on your business, capacity, and productivity from multiple perspectives.

Government Regulation of Supply Chain

This session is on Monday 9/25 at 3:45 and is moderated by TIA President and CEO Bob Voltmann. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with keeping up with all the regulations affecting the supply chain industry, this session is for you. Government regulations are an ever-changing landscape of rules and procedures that must be adhered to at all times. Don’t let your business suffer through fines and condemnations because of your lack of knowledge. Attend this session to learn how your company can stay ahead of federal and state regulations. Speakers for this session include members of the government and supply chain professionals. This balance ensures that you are getting the most correct and relevant information.

Driving Efficiencies in Tempur-Sealy’s Final Mile Delivery

This session is on Tuesday 9/26 at 10:30am and features representatives from Tempur-Sealy International and DHL. In a recent Banyan Technology blog post, we go into detail regarding the state of the freight industry, and if the future is already here. One of the innovations we touch on as a harbinger of better technology to come is the improved capabilities regarding local or last-mile delivery. Technological advances have greatly improved how companies deal with this important part of the supply chain process. If you attend this session, you’ll learn how Tempur-Sealy rebuilt their delivery network and dramatically reduced order cycle times. Improving the last-mile delivery service will improve your supply chain processes as a whole and increase overall customer satisfaction.

The “Uber” Model for Warehousing Goes Mainstream

This session is on Tuesday 9/26 at 2:00pm and features university professors and warehouse professionals. People following the news in the supply chain industry have heard rumblings in the news about the “Uber-ization” of moving freight. This seems like something the industry is trending toward and could be attainable soon. However, if you are unaware of how Uber’s business model will affect warehouses, this is the session for you. One of the speakers, Karl Siebrecht, is the CEO of FLEXE, a start-up that is already putting the Uber-model into warehousing. Profiled by publications such as Forbes and Fortune, FLEXE’s “mission is to connect partially or temporarily empty warehouse space with companies that need short-term inventory storage.” Attending this session is a must for anyone interested in what this concept is, where it is going, and what needs to change. And who better to learn from than someone already putting this idea into action?

Bonus: What to do in Atlanta

So, you’ve been to the 5 best sessions and even some others. You’re a little supply chain-fatigued and need to kill an hour or two. What should you do while in Atlanta to get the full experience of the city?

For something a little more business-oriented, you can check out the North American Commercial Vehicle Show. Located in the same venue as the CSCMP, hop over if you get a chance to see the latest in commercial trucking technology and equipment.

While in Atlanta, one of the more enjoyable, and touristy, things you can do is take a tour at the World of Coca-Cola. Learn the history of the famous soda brand and explore 100s of new flavor combinations that will quench anyone’s taste buds.

If you are looking for a more adult beverage than Coca-Cola, Atlanta is full of great breweries to help you unwind after a long day of sessions and breakouts. One such brewery is Sweetwater Brewing Company. Only a 15-minute Uber ride away from CSCMP, this brewery is well worth the drive. If you are looking for something within walking distance, make sure you check out Der Biergarten. Located right across the street from CSCMP, this German-style beer garden features an extensive beer menu and classic German food like bratwurst plates and huge soft pretzels.

One final thing to do in Atlanta is to visit the world-renowned Georgia Aquarium. Located almost directly across the street from the CSCMP show, the Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world and is top-rated by USA Today. If you need a break from above-ground supply chain practices, head over to the Georgia Aquarium and learn how they do it under the sea.


While attending CSCMP Edge 2017, there are a lot of sessions you are going to miss. After all, you can’t be in two places at once. We hope this post was helpful if you were wavering between certain sessions at the show. We hope you have a great conference and enjoy some of Atlanta’s better diversions along the way!

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