Banyan’s Freight Podcast – Episode 02

By: Lance Healy

The ELD Mandate stole the spotlight in 2017. How will this contentious issue really impact the industry? In our latest podcast, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Lance Healy and SVP of Software Development Will Lazzaro discuss some interesting possibilities, like truckers charging by the hour vs. by the minute, and some drivers “jailbreaking” their devices. The mandate goes into effect Dec. 18 – you don’t want to miss this one!

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0:50 – What is the electronic logging device mandate? What does it track?
1:20 – ELD is contentious for truck drivers
2:08 – Can driver’s game the system?
3:30 – The impact to hours of service
4:00 – Will this change the way trucking is priced?
4:30 – The looming driver shortage
5:00 – “Jail-breaking” ELDs
6:40 – How this increase in visibility ultimately can maximize truck space
8:30 – Increased scrutiny of driver fitness
9:40 – Transition to ELD – it may not be pretty
10:10 – Prediction – Hours of service rules will be modified
11:00 – Promise and opportunity of technology in the cab


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