One-Stop-Shop Technology is the Future of Logistics | Tire Tracks Podcast 11

One-stop-shop technology is the future of logistics, according to 3PL Freight Partners Group Founder and CEO Tom Burke. In episode 11 of Banyan’s Tire Tracks™ podcast, Burke discusses where the future of logistics technology is headed.

“I think that one of the biggest changes is going to be one-stop shopping, where people can come in for all the modes to include small package parcel, pallet rates and local pickup and delivery,” he said. “Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of startup companies that have received millions of dollars to come in and try and duplicate what companies like Banyan or any of the other major software programs have accomplished. They put a new front end on them and think that they’ve got it made. Well, they soon found out that without strong bones that their software is only a shiny interface without a really good, strong back end.”

The logistics industry has experienced a lot of significant changes in recent years. It has evolved for many reasons, but the biggest impact was managing the supply chain during and post-pandemic. As things level out, many officials see technology making a big impact on the future of freight.

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