Carrier Pricing API

With Banyan’s carrier pricing API SaaS solution, carriers can easily and quickly connect with shippers and 3PLs.

Competitive and Agile

Gain a competitive edge and pricing agility with Banyan’s carrier pricing API, Intelligent Freight Pricing.

For carriers, your goal is to carry as much freight as possible in the lanes that are most profitable for you.

While that sounds like a lofty goal, with the digitization of freight management and more shippers and 3PLs utilizing carrier freight pricing APIs, it is a goal you can achieve. And Banyan Technology can help you do so.

By implementing Banyan’s Intelligent Freight Pricing™ tool into your transportation management system or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), your company will be able to improve efficiency and profitability by being able to communicate to shippers and 3PLs in real time and meet their freight capacity or shipping needs. With Intelligent Freight Pricing, carriers can adjust rates according to current conditions and operational needs in the easy-to-integrate and easy-to-use API. It will help your company balance daily changes in volume and location and attract the right freight for your situation by offering discounts to preferred shippers to entice them to use you in your profitable lanes.

Intelligent Freight Pricing for LTL carriers not only gives you more visibility into freight management, but it simplifies the whole process. By digitizing everything from shipment attributes and accessorial requirements to delivery times, all parties are able to make fact-based, thoughtful decisions that subsequently improve operational efficiencies in ways that make them quicker, smarter and leaner.

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Intelligent Freight Pricing

Get the agility and operational efficiency you need with the top LTL freight-pricing API from the industry’s most trusted leader, Banyan Technology.

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The Banyan Promise

We guarantee that you will save time and money within one year of using Banyan Technology’s freight management solution, LTL pricing tools and systems. If not, you can cancel your contract at no extra cost.

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