Freight Management Tools for Shippers and 3PLs

Identify substantial time and cost savings with these powerful freight management tools
and reporting features inside LIVE Connect™.

Create Operational Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Turn your real-time Carrier and shipment data into substantial operational savings with these powerful freight management tools.

Business Intelligence Suite

Analyze automated Carrier performance data and easily identify carrier cost-saving opportunities.

  • Eliminate hours spent manually pulling reports from different Carriers and solutions
  • View key Carrier performance metrics, such as late and on-time pick-ups and deliveries
  • Analyze key cost metrics like average cost per Carrier, spend summary – average fuel, average weight, average variance and more
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Carrier Matrix Rating

Setup and retrieve rates from your contracted Carriers via static rate tables pre-loaded into your rating and booking screen.

  • Set up and manage static rate tables from your local, regional, and national Carriers
  • Rate and compare static rates with other modes including LTL, Local Carrier, and Parcel
  • Access seamless Business Intelligence and reporting to understand your freight spend better
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Carrier Portals

Provide your preferred Truckload Carriers with online portals to quote and manage your spot quote shipments.

  • Setup and manage your spot quote Carriers in your system with an easy setup wizard
  • Provide secure portal for Carriers to quote, accept, and manage spot quote shipments
  • Capture critical delivery updates from Carriers directly from their Carrier Portal
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Document Management

Create and store standardized digital shipping documents from all your Carriers including BOLs, PODs, Shipping Labels, and more.

  • Save hours a week logging into different websites and searching inboxes for documents
  • View standardized documents to save time analyzing your shipping operations
  • Reduce spend and streamline your processes by removing document storage services
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Exception View and Reporting

Resolve delivery issues with real-time exception view and reporting.

  • Quickly identify missed pickups and late deliveries before your customers do
  • Contact Carriers immediately to resolve the situation
  • View which Carriers are consistently on-time and which are less reliable
  • Prevent costly chargebacks and shipping penalties
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EZ Rate

Enter a ZIP code and freight attributes to estimate shipping costs quickly.

  • Speed up your rate estimating process
  • Get back to your customers faster
  • Make informed decisions about your products and lanes
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Freight Bill Management

Protect your bottom line with automated validation of your freight bills.

  • Side-by-side comparison of quoted vs. invoiced shipment details
  • Quickly identify and rectify variations and duplicates
  • One-click access to supporting documentation and tracking events for quick dispute resolution
  • Exportable to major accounting software formats
  • Tool creates both the A/P and A/R amounts
  • Our most widely used feature by clients of all sizes and complexities
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Lane Restrictions

Reduce tender rejections and errors with carrier lane restrictions and parameters.

  • Quickly add, update, and remove lane restrictions by Carrier as they come in
  • Streamline your rating process by only seeing Carriers that can service your lanes
  • Create more accurate Carrier lane restrictions
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Load Board Integrations

Gain direct access to the spot market to rate and execute shipments via Trucker Tools and load board integrations.

  • Direct API connections to streamline the number of systems needed
  • Reduce data entry errors with seamless integrations and communication
  • Reduce with enhanced visibility from Truckload Carriers
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Load Import Tool

Save time using a proprietary client-facing tool to import loads in as few as 3 quick steps.

  • Make better business decisions with all your freight data in one location
  • Get rates, track shipments and experience both time and cost savings
  • Gain visibility into all data to help you manage your freight spend
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Multi-Leg Shipping

Create one shipment that includes multiple legs and modes to or from the same destination on a single screen.

  • View all modes and stops in one master BOL for easier tracking and accounting
  • Reduce transit time and increase your level of service
  • Track and manage cost more effectively with information on each leg from a master BOL
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Multi-Mode On-Screen

Rate and dispatch shipments across all OTR modes including, LTL, Truckload, Local Carrier, and Parcel from a single screen.

  • View all your preferred OTR carriers in one platform from a single screen
  • Minimize time bouncing between screens to schedule and rate shipments
  • Quickly identify time and cost savings by mode, cost, and delivery times
  • Unlock nationwide Local Carrier and Parcel partners for your last mile and expedited needs
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Multi-Stop Shipping

Create multi-stop truckload shipments that have the same origin OR destination from a single screen.

  • Experience cost savings combining shipments into one multi-stop truckload
  • Simplify the way you schedule shipments with multiple stops
  • Stay organized with a master BOL that contains all the individual shipments for quick reference and easier accounting practices
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Product Catalog

Streamline your rating process with a pre-populated list of your frequently shipped SKUs and their shipping attributes.

  • Minimize the time spent on your daily shipment rating process
  • Reduce manual entry errors by entering data one time for repeat use
  • Increase efficiencies by managing freight class, hazmat, weight and packaging factors by SKU
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Push Tracking

Deliver peace of mind to your customers with automated tracking notifications.

  • Eliminate time logging into third-party systems and manually retrieving tracking information
  • Increase visibility with automated real-time tracking notifications
  • Receive updates in your preferred channel with email, flat file, and webhook updates
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Connect your suppliers, warehouses, and other decentralized users to your LIVE Connect carrier relationships and rates to quickly quote and schedule shipments.

  • Provide secure logins to internal/external users, giving them access to your Carriers and rates
  • Gain instant visibility into your inbound and outbound shipments that show up in LIVE Connect
  • Experience cost savings utilizing your existing Carrier relationships and removing third-party mark-ups
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Reporting Engine

Access 30+ default reports or create your own utilizing more than 170 data points in LIVE Connect.

  • Unlock new insights in your shipping business with customizable reports
  • Get the metrics you need to monitor and streamline your operations
  • Use stock reports or build your own
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Self-Serve Analysis Tool

Streamline your RFP process and internal carrier rate analysis with one simple spreadsheet upload to get rates back on up to 10,000 lanes.

  • Reduce time-consuming email threads containing data from all of your Carriers
  • Conduct rate analyses in half the time as traditional methods
  • View a side-by-side comparison of Carrier rates to identify cost savings
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Spot Quote Email Tool

Send Truckload shipments out to get rates from your non-API/matrix carriers and manage them through an internal shipment queue.

  • Send out spot quote requests to your preferred Truckload Carriers
  • Manage spot quote shipments from one centralized location
  • Provide portals to your preferred Carriers for them to quote and manage spot quote shipments
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Waterfall Tendering

Automate the dispatching of your shipments to preferred Carriers in a predetermined order and response time.

  • Automate your dispatching to streamline your operations
  • Maximize shipping efficiency within your preferred timeframe
  • Ensure your loads are tendered to your preferred Carriers
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