Why Banyan Technology

We’re the top-performing API hub in the industry with nearly three times as many carrier connections as any other provider.

Changing the Logistics Industry. For Good.

At Banyan Technology, we are creating a unified force – connecting shippers, 3PLs, carriers and supply chain partners by empowering everyone with unprecedented intelligence and actionability.

As North America’s leading provider of live carrier and API connectivity for transportation management, we provide real-time intel, actionable insights and instant access to opportunities that drive greater operational efficiencies and create significant value for your bottom line.

Building Connections That Drive Value.

At Banyan, we are committed to finding new ways to harness technology with one consistent goal – improvement that creates value. Our culture of customer-first ingenuity is driven by our guiding principles.

2020 Awards


At Banyan, it is our goal to discover your needs and tailor your solution to meet them.


We configure our solutions to meet and exceed your needs.


We ensure your solution is up and running quickly so you can begin creating operational efficiencies.


Shippers/3PLs get real-time intel and access to your preferred carriers while carriers can find shippers/3PLs looking to place freight in their open lanes.


You can access and analyze performance data and real-time intel to save money or increase profit margins.


With our solutions, you will optimize your transportation and shipping logistics.

Solutions for Freight End-to-End

With Banyan Technology’s solutions, all companies involved in the shipping process can harness the power of API connectivity to gain efficiency, reduce costs and increase visibility.

  • Make more informed decisions at the time of shipment
  • Cost reductions caused by better visibility at the time of routing decision
  • Better operational efficiencies because of Banyan’s automation
  • Access to performance data that results in the ability to make better informed decisions 
  • Potential freight cost savings through real-time lane rate reductions offered by preferred carriers
  • Gain operational efficiencies through a streamlined, automated processes


  • Provide a more balanced network through real-time pricing strategies that address current needs and conditions
  • Achieve pricing flexibility and agility 
  • Improve customer satisfaction and accountability through added reporting
  • Access to more carriers, which provides more options to clients
  • Cost reductions caused by better visibility at the time of routing decision
  • Create greater operational efficiencies because of broader product functionality and automation

We Connect Carriers and Shippers

As the top-performing API hub in the industry, Banyan provides real-time information and data to help automate the entire freight management process, from order to delivery.

LIVE Connect™

Instant two-way exchange of freight shipping information between shippers and their preferred carriers, including:

  • Rating
  • Tendering
  • Tracking
  • Document Retrieval

Intelligent Freight Pricing

Our lightning-fast API connection allows shippers and carriers to negotiate at the time of shipment without the hassle of new contract negotiations.

Capacity Optimizer™ allows pricing agility. Adjust rates to attract more desired shipments or raise rates to control freight flows and increase profitability – all while maintaining contract obligations.

Insights™ provides essential relative pricing data analysis tools to guide your pricing decisions.

The Banyan Promise

We guarantee you’ll save more money than you invest in Banyan’s technology within one year, if you use our systems as intended. If you don’t, cancel your contract at no extra cost.

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