No more static tables. No more freight bill audit. No more phone calls.  No kidding.

Banyan Technology’s live API connections facilitate instant exchange of vital freight-shipping information between shippers, brokers, forwarders, or 3PLs and carriers. Our customers benefit from live pricing, constant visibility of freight movement, and automated freight bill auditing. They pay less to move freight. They make better, more informed decisions. And Banyan users do more, with less — faster than they ever imagined.

When your shipping efforts are powered by Banyan, you’ll have instant access to your carriers’ current rates. Period. Here’s what that means:

  • RFPs become a thing of the past
  • less time spent on the phone
  • no manual data entry
  • no reliance on static rate tables
  • quick decision making, based on real time prices instead of averages and assumptions

Instead, you’ll make better-informed decisions based on live data, and — in the process — you’ll boost productivity and profitability.

Our API connections are the perfect solution to lowering transportation costs for shippers, brokers, forwarders, or 3PLs. If you’re not shipping with APIs, you’re paying too much and working without a competitive advantage.

What are live API connections?

In the simplest of terms, API connections are established sets of rules — or protocol — governing how computer programs interact with each other.

APIs allow two computers to have a conversation — letting computers work together without the need for programmers to completely recreate code to replicate capabilities.

For example, when you use a travel site like Kayak or Expedia or Travelocity, you’re using APIs to see up-to-the-minute pricing from airlines and to select the best price for the best travel schedule that works for you.

Imagine the time and money you would save if you could book shipments with your preferred carriers in precisely that way. That’s what we let you do. Our APIs let you search your carrier base and negotiated contracts for the best price and shipping solution, every time you move freight.

We brought the first APIs to the transport industry more than ten years ago. Since then, we’ve established more than 1,300 live API connections with carriers. So chances are, we already connect with yours.

Here’s the important thing to remember – Live Connections are way beyond APIs. If a carrier publishes anything to the Internet, we can get the data. Prices, delivery notifications, and more. While APIs are the cat’s meow, only relying on APIs limits you to an elite subset of carriers. Live Connections in all of their forms open new doors.

That means you can start saving, immediately.