Additional Products for Added Functionality

Simplify your entire freight management process with Banyan's value-added functions.

Added Capabilities = More Benefits

By enhancing our LTL APIs with these add-ons, it increases backend efficiencies so your company can focus on the bottom line.

Freight Bill Management

It is an automated exception audit tool that reduces time and expense by simplifying LTL invoice processing. With it, you can:

  • Normalize all carrier invoices into a single management tool
  • Manage only exceptions
  • Exchange AP and AR data with your accounting system
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Local Carrier

Add direct connectivity with local delivery services through Banyan’s APIs. It allows for:

  • Hundreds of carriers
  • API functionality to rate, tender, track and get documents
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Product Catalog

A complementary ERP solution with freight-specific attributes of your products. With it, your company can:

  • Automate the addition of critical freight attributes to product orders by SKU
  • Manage freight class, hazmat, weight and packaging factors
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The ideal option to take control of your inbound freight and reduce freight expense and gain visibility. With it, you get:

  • A vendor portal for easy execution
  • Support for routing guide compliance
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