Parcel Solutions from Banyan Technology.

Regularly shipping small packages demands the right technology to ensure no profits or productivity are lost in operations.

Banyan’s Final Mile Distribution Solutions include:

  • Omni-Channel Logistics
  • Flexible Implementation Options
  • Intuitive Interface

Banyan provides an intuitive interface that supports a continuum of carriers and services supporting the expanding needs of B2C and eCommerce markets.

Use your business rules to find the best rates across multiple modes, carriers and service levels.

Same day carriers for parcel and freight through more than 1,400 other carrier connections.

  • Manage Carrier Selection and Service Levels
  • Compare Service Levels and Rates
  • Hardware Support
  • Intuitive UI and Order Import Utilities
  • Data Visibility
  • and more

Powerful connectivity. Unrivaled Results.

Start saving.