Intelligent Freight Pricing Suite

Revolutionize your freight pricing by connecting to shippers and 3PLs in real time, improving visibility and operational efficiencies.

The Forefront of the Digital Freight Pricing Revolution

The Intelligent Freight Pricing Suite provides instantaneous API connections that enable stakeholders to maximize their relationships and easily manage the freight-buying process.

We offer real-time rates, improving visibility and billing, and giving companies the ability to reallocate funds to more value-added efforts.

How it Works

Unlocking practical, win-win solutions for both carriers and shippers.

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Drive Prices Your Way

By combining dynamic pricing opportunities with fact-based decision-making tools, shippers and carriers alike have an incentive to become preferred partners in an ever-changing environment that increasingly relies on technology and transparency.

While the system is technology-based, the process incorporates direct communication between shippers or 3PLs and the carrier’s representative. The Intelligent Freight Pricing tool provides monthly feedback and allows for honest, two-way communication.

Digitizing everything from shipment attributes and accessorial requirements to delivery times empowers all parties to make fact-based, thoughtful decisions that subsequently improve operational efficiencies in ways that make them quicker, smarter and leaner.

Everybody wins.

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